Acuity | Northeast Parking Structure & Recreation Center

Dynamic provided the HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection design for the addition of a new Recreation Center and three (3) story parking garage that will be expanded to eight (8) stories in the future.  The Recreation Center is a 32’ tall open gymnasium with three (3) NBA sized basketball courts, a four (4) lane running track, and a 2,500 square foot mezzanine area to serve as a viewing area and multi-purpose space for smaller activities.  The building also includes a 2,000 square foot Media Room for in-house video and audio production.

The Recreation Center for is served by two (2) new AHUs and several fan coil units.  Hot water and chilled water piping for equipment was connected to the existing central utility plant which was designed by David Grassl at a former employer.  The existing utility plant is over 500 feet from the new buildings with piping running through an existing parking structure.  New pumps were added for both the chilled water and hot water systems with a new hot water heat exchanger to isolate the glycol for the hot water hydronic system required to feed the new buildings.

The Parking Structure will provide parking for 700+ vehicles initially and includes one (1) 80,000 SF below grade level which requires a mechanical exhaust system.  A 60,000 CFM exhaust and 30,000 CFM ventilation air system serves the Parking Structure with a gas detection system to provide demand-controlled ventilation and the ability to save energy by eliminating the need for continuous exhaust.

Project Highlights

Project Type

125,000 SF
(36,000 SF Fieldhouse)
(700+ Parking Stalls)

Completion Date
January 2021

Sheboygan, WI

Project Team
Eppstein Uhen | Architect
CD Smith | Construction Manager
Ahern | Mechanical Contractor