Acuity Insurance | Northwest Addition Buildout

Dynamic was retained by Acuity to provide design and construction oversight on the latest buildout of the shell space due to our knowledge of the building standards and design parameters. 

The buildout completes the last portion of the building to be added to the duct distribution system that is connected to three (3) 50,000 CFM air handling units that serve other offices spaces, conference and training rooms, the galleria space, and the fitness center.  The new air handling unit is connected to the existing campus chilled water and hot water central utilities plants, which was provided with a valved and capped connection in anticipation of the future tie-in requiring no downtown to the existing campus systems.  The air handling units provide low temperature supply air at 50°F to reduce duct sizes and pressure drop while at the zone level, series fan powered VAV boxes are provided to mix the primary and plenum air to deliver air at 55°F to the spaces.

Project Highlights

Project Type

96,000 SF

Completion Date
Summer 2020

Sheboygan, WI

Project Team
Eppstein Uhen | Architect
CD Smith | Construction Manager
Tweet/Garot | Mechanical Contractor