Iris USA | Cleanroom Addition

Dynamic worked as part of a design-build team to deliver 32,300 square feet of new manufacturing space for Iris USA, whose parent company is based in Japan.  The new manufacturing space will be dedicated to face mask production in response to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendation to wear face masks to stop the spread of COVID-19.  The new manufacturing space required a complete demolition of an existing two-story office space to support the manufacturing equipment. 

The new space is designed to house thirty (30) machines that are being shipped from Japan for mask production that required fifteen (15) dust collectors and compressed air as the team is deciphering the equipment requirements and connections in real time while the equipment is in route.  Despite this, the new equipment is estimating 70 million disposable, 3-ply face masks will be produced per month.  Five (5) new single zone VAV rooftop units were provided to serve the space to maintain a temperature of 72°F for the production equipment and materials.  Existing ductwork was repurposed as much as feasible based on the new equipment loads to save first cost and minimize schedule impact.

The entire construction process was fast tracked with design lasting five (5) weeks and the construction process is scheduled to be completed in approximately three (3) months overlapping with the design process.

Project Highlights

Project Type

32,300 SF

Completion Date
Fall 2020

Pleasant Prairie, WI

Project Team
Partners in Design | Architect
Berghammer | Construction Manager
Just Mechanical | Mechanical Contractor