Johnson Controls | Corporate Office Remodel

Dynamic provided the HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection design for the remodel of 77,000 square feet of existing building space within the Johnson Controls corporate office buildings.  The remodeled area consists of mostly open office, private offices, and conference rooms.  In addition to the multiple offices, a green room for video recordings with specific sound level requirements and a large open gathering space for group meetings was provided within the building footprint.

The HVAC system consists of an underfloor air distribution system to serve all the respective spaces.  Each building, Building 2 & 3, is served by three (3) air handling units located in a penthouse that serves the underfloor air plenum where air is distributed to each zone either directly via floor grilles or is further tempered with a fan powered VAV box located in the floor plenum. 

Plumbing design was provided for all the relocated breakroom areas as well as the new “live” walls consisting of various plants within the space.  Fire protection was revised throughout the spaces to address the new layouts.  

Project Highlights

Project Type

77,000 SF

Completion Date
Winter 2023

Glendale, WI

Project Team
Eppstein Uhen | Architect
Selzer-Ornst | Construction Manager
Johnson Controls | Mechanical Contractor