Landmark Credit Union | Corporate Headquarters

Dynamic provided the HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection design for a 160,000 square foot corporate office building for Landmark Credit Union.  The building consists of five (5) floors of office space and a data center for the building.

The general office building is served by four (4) 105-ton VAV rooftop units that are interconnected for redundancy and air distribution effectiveness.  Spaces are controlled by individual single duct VAV boxes with hot water reheat and perimeter radiation served by two (2) 2,000 MBH hot water condensing boilers.

The data center was originally designed for two (2) 20-ton computer room air conditioning units with air cooled condensers but was changed at the last minute due to the client electing to rely on the cloud for most of their data needs.  The new system provides four (4) 5-ton computer room air conditioning units with air cooled condensing units for 2N redundancy.

Additional building features include:

  • Underground ductwork to serve the two-story main lobby and dining spaces with stainless steel floor grilles
  • The main building entrance is served by a 1,200 square foot snow melt system that decoupled from the main building heating system with a heat exchanger
  • A plenum heating system is provided from the main hot water system decoupled with a heat exchanger to maintain the floor temperature of the fourth floor, which is entirely exposed to the exterior elements.

Project Highlights

Project Type

159,300 SF

Completion Date
Spring 2021

Brookfield, WI

Project Team
Eppstein Uhen | Architect
CG Schmidt | Construction Manager
Ahern | Mechanical Contractor