Marathon County Jail | Air Handling Unit Replacements

The Marathon County Jail booking and administrative spaces were served by the original air handling unit that was no longer able to meet the cooling load in the space while also operating on pneumatic controls.  Dynamic was retained to replace the existing 12,000 air handling unit with a new air handling unit.  During designed, it was discovered that the existing chilled water system was significantly overtaxed so the new air handling unit was converted to DX to reduce the burden on the existing chilled water system as well as provide flexibility to operate cooling during times when the chilled water system is not operational. 

In addition to replacing the booking air handling unit, the kitchen air handling unit was also replaced with a new dedicated outside air system to maintain kitchen pressurization with respect to the adjacent spaces.  The kitchen air handling unit had been out of service for multiple years and served with multiple ductless split systems.  The new equipment provided the ability for demand controlled ventilation and much improved heating and cooling within the kitchen spaces. The VAV boxes, lighting, and controls serving the spaces affected by the project were all replaced, including in spaces with secure ceilings.  All new controls were connected to the existing County DDC system.

Phasing was critical to the success of this project as the Booking area was required to be in service at all times during the project construction.  As such, the project was phased into three (3) distinct phases to maintain business continuity as well as to not adversely affect officer and inmate safety within the facility.  

Project Highlights

Project Type

20,000 SF

Completion Date
Estimated Fall 2022

Wausau, WI

Project Team
Fore-Front Mechanical | Mechanical Contractor