Marathon County | Lake View Professional Plaza Boiler Conversion

Dynamic was selected by Marathon County to convert their existing Lake View Professional Plaza from steam to hot water.  The LVPP building was previously served from an adjacent facility with steam distribution piping to a shell and tube heat exchanger located in the building.  Over time, the system has resulted in inefficient operation of the steam boilers and the heat exchanger has started to fail as some of the steam system chemicals have started to migrate into the heating hot water system. 

The new system creates a new hot water plant with two (2) new 1500 MBH condensing boilers located in an adjacent, unused room.  The new boilers are setup for increased efficiency with the ability to use aggressive hot water reset schedules to maximize energy efficiency and set the building up to operate in a stand-alone fashion without relying on the existing steam boiler system.  The hot water system is designed as a variable primary flow system with two (2) pumps for system redundancy.

Project Highlights

Project Type

Serves 43,000 SF

Completion Date
Fall 2020

Wausau, WI

Project Team
Fore-Front Mechanical | Mechanical Contractor