Milwaukee School of Engineering | Campus Center Chiller & Cooling Tower Replacement

The Milwaukee School of Engineering was operating on an outdated chiller that was in need of replacement.  Dynamic provided a new 600 ton chiller to replace the existing 800 ton chiller as the building has gone through adjustments over time allowing for a smaller chiller.  Since the last chiller was installed over twenty (20) years ago, the need to upgrade the mechanical room to comply with the current refrigeration code requirements was necessary.  A new ventilation system was provided for conditioning the space and to allow for refrigerant purge of the room should it be required.

The cooling tower on the roof was the same vintage as the chiller and were also in need of replacement.  This allowed the new cooling towers to be equipped with variable frequency drives on the fans to save energy compared to the two-speed fans previously in place.  The existing steel structure supporting the towers was able to be retrofitted for the new system saving significant first cost on the project.  New chilled water and condenser water pumps were provided to address the new flow requirements of the system.

Project Highlights

Project Type

Serves 230,000 SF

Completion Date
Spring 2021

Milwaukee, WI

Project Team
Johnson Controls | Mechanical Contractor