Reinhart Law | Office Renovation

Dynamic provided design-assist services for a complete remodel of the top five (5) floors of a twenty-three-story office building.  The office space leased by Reinhart had not been updated since the 1991 and the Owner was experiencing frequent temperature control issues. 

Each floor is served by a dedicated air handling unit maintained and served by the landlord.  In the design process it was deemed the air handling units and the duct mains on each floor were sufficient to be repurposed and reused, saving the project first costs.  At the zone level, each floor was completely rezoned and new VAV boxes were added to better reflect the floor layout.  Additionally, the project upgraded the existing pneumatic controls to DDC controls for all the new equipment.

Project Highlights

Project Type

80,000 SF
Completion Date
In Construction

Milwaukee, WI

Project Team
Nelson | Architect
CG Schmidt | Construction Manager
Grunau | Mechanical Contractor