Signicast MOD 7 | Ice Storage Addition

Dynamic was retained by Signicast to add on to their existing 1080-ton air-cooled chilled water plant to provide additional redundancy and energy savings.  The existing chilled water system was designed and installed with two (2) air-cooled chillers and six (6) drycoolers for year-round chilled water production that is provided with 30% glycol and isolated from the rest of the building chilled water system with a plate and frame heat exchanger to reduce the amount of glycol, improve heat transfer at the air handling unit coils, and minimize chilled water system pump impacts. 

The new ice storage system added eighteen (18) ice storage tanks, a third air-cooled chiller, and new system pumps to reduce peak load and provide additional system redundancy.  The existing distribution system was also modified with multiple, new linked control valves to provide the ability to operate any of the three (3) chillers as an ice making chiller or a normal chiller. 

The entire project was designed over three (3) phases to minimize any existing system disruption as the facility operates 24/7.

Project Highlights

Project Type

Serves 110,000 SF

Completion Date

Hartford, WI