UW – Fox Valley | Science Building Boiler Replacement

Dynamic was retained to replace two (2) 2500 MBH steam boilers serving the Science Building at UW-Fox Valley and replace all the steam fired equipment.  Dynamic provided a thorough analysis of various boiler options from multiple manufacturers and the Owner determined to provide a low temperature hot water system with condensing boilers. 

Starting for scratch for heating, the existing penthouse boiler room, air handling systems, and building was completely demolished to remove all steam system components.  The new hot water system consisted of two (2) 2000 MBH boilers designed to operate at 95% efficiency based on the designed hot water temperatures.  The heating hot water system serves three (3) existing air handling units in the Science Building which were upgraded from steam pumps to pumped hot water heating coils in addition to providing new unit heaters for the three (3) existing greenhouses.  Additionally, an existing rooftop unit was replaced serving the administration offices.

Project Highlights

Project Type
Higher Education

Serves 161,000 SF

Completion Date
Summer 2018

Menasha, WI

Project Team
Gartman Mechanical Services | Mechanical Contractor