UW-Milwaukee | Cunningham Hall

Dynamic acted as the prime consultant on a multi-discipline project that included the addition of fin pipe radiation around the perimeter of the building and addition of four (4) new curtainwalls at the corners of the building. 

One of the main goals of this project was to improve occupant comfort as air infiltration and failing window construction was causing issues within the building.  Fin pipe radiation was added around the perimeter of the building to address cold issues at the exterior walls and additional zoning was added to improve occupant control.  Additionally, at the four (4) corners of the building, the curtainwalls were completely removed and replaced with new, better performing windows to reduce water and air infiltration that users have experienced.  Around the perimeter of the building, careful coordination and mock-ups were completed to determine the vertical pipe drop locations, fin pipe elevation above the floor, and color matching to ensure a complete installation to avoid conflicts with electrical outlets and existing conditions.  This careful coordination eliminated the need to open any existing walls for new pipe drops to the fin pipe radiation.

Dynamic also provided heavy field coordination and construction administration activities to ensure all work was completed as specified and created a seamless appearance for the end user.

Project Highlights

Project Type

90,500 SF

Completion Date
Spring 2024

Milwaukee, WI

Project Team
Quorum Architects | Architect
Sackerson Construction | General Contractor
Ahern | Mechanical Contractor